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2019 BC&G Photo Calendar
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2019 BC&G Calendar (PDF)

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for previous years' photo calendars.

The N'Crowd Model Railroad Society, aka Houston N'Crowd, was formed in 1978 to promote a then-new modular model railroading concept called N-Trak. We were the first N-Trak club to organize in southeast Texas.

The club sponsored the 1st N-Scale National Convention in Houston in 1983, where the photo below of Loren Neufeld's Houston Union Station model was taken. The model is now located on the Bayou City & Gulf Railroad, our club layout. The club also sponsored the 10th Anniversary N-Scale National Convention in Houston in 1993, and followed up with the 20th Anniversary N-Scale Convention in Houston in June 2003.

We invite you to join our club! For more about us, use the links above.

While we are no longer a modular club - our focus now is our permanent club layout - some of our members are involved with N-Trak and FreeMoN modular groups. For information about N-scale modular railroading, click on the logos at the bottom of the page.

Houston Union Station yard module in 1983
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BC&G lineup at Austin

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